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Research groups

The project involves three research groups affiliated with three different universities:

The research group at the University of Sassari
The research group at the University of Sassari, coordinated by Prof. Carmelo Meazza (who is also the national coordinator of the project).

Members include:
- Dr. Giuseppe Pintus
- Dr. Irene Oggiano
- Dr. Antonello Nasone

The research group at the University of Milano-Bicocca
coordinated by Prof. Claudia Baracchi.
Members include:
- Prof. Mario Vergani

- Dr. Elena Bartolini

The research group at Vita Salute San Raffaele University in Milano
coordinated by prof. Francesco Valagussa.
- Prof. Massimo Donà
- Dr. Giacomo Petrarca

Other researchers involved:
- Prof. Giovanni Leghissa (University of Turin)

- Prof. Carla Canullo (University of Macerata)

- Prof. Giovanni Ferretti (University of Macerata)

- Prof. Rosaria Caldarone (University of Palermo)

- Prof. Gaetano Rametta (University of Padova)

- Prof. Jean-François Courtine (Sorbonne University Paris 4)

- Prof. Silvano Petrosino (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan)

- Prof. Marco Ivaldo (Federico II University of Naples)

- Prof. Federica Buongiorno (University of Florence)

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