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PRIN 2022

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Study Seminar - Lo spazio dei confini nella soglia mobile

Professor Luca Gaeta and dott. Alice Buoli

May 2024
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

27 - 29

Summer school - Phenomenology and Revelation

with: Daniela Calabrò, Piero Coda, Jean-François Courtine, Massimo Donà, Adriano Fabris, Jean-Luc Marion, Giulio Maspero, Carmelo Meazza, Nicola Reali, Pierangelo Sequeri, Francesco Valagussa

June 2024

The project aims to:
- Identify the main authors and themes of recent French Phenomenology.
- Assess the current reception of the issues developed by French phenomenology of the 20th century, in relation to the history of ideas and also concerning ancient, especially Greek, and Judeo-Islamic issues.
- Identify the main Italian studies on contemporary French phenomenology and the major influences on the working approaches of Italian thinkers.


The project funded under the PRIN 2022, SH5 sector, aims to take stock of the current situation of the philosophical movement known as French phenomenology, its legacy, current developments, and the implications of this approach within Italian philosophy. On one hand, it seeks to update the numerous studies in Italian that have already been written on the subject, providing a critical reinterpretation of the phenomenological movement of the past century in relation to both classical and ancient thought. On the other hand, it aims to reflect on the impact of French phenomenology in Italy, both in terms of studies and proposals.

The Project

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